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Diesel Cylinder Heads

We recondition many different diesel cylinder heads. If the head from your vehicle is not able to be reconditioned we can provide a new cylinder head  at a very competitive price.

Complete Head Reconditioning

ALL SERVICED HEADS INCLUDE : * Magnaflux crack tested and/or pressure tested. * Surfacing with CBN tooling or ground to obtain the correct surface finish to eliminate gasket problems. * All valve springs are tested. * All valve seats are cut with multi-angle cutters using either a Serdi or Mira Centronic. * All valve guide clearances are measured, and replaced as required. * Hot wash, and/or acid bath then bead blasted. * Straightened if required.    

Contact : info@perthcylinderheads.com.au                       6 James Street, Bellevue WA 6056

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